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Hon Dashi Powder
Hon Dashi Powder

Yamaki Jozo

Hon Dashi Powder


You've probably seen Hon Dashi in a Japanese supermarket, but this is far superior to any instant Dashi product in the market. Katsuobushi (smoked and dried Skipjack Tuna), Niboshi (dried sardines) and Konbu (dried kelp) are finely ground and seasoned with salt. Adding some hot water to it to makes a flavourful Dashi. Alternatively, it can be used as an Umami-rich alternative to salt, or as a secret ingredient in adding depth to your sauces and braises.

Size | 100g

Origin | Saitama prefecture, Japan

Ingredients | Salt, broth powder (dried skipjack tuna, sardine, kelp), yeast extract, malt sugar