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Organic Beetroot and Citrus Kraut
Organic Beetroot and Citrus Kraut


Organic Beetroot and Citrus Kraut


Vibrantly red in colour, this organic citrus and beetroot sauerkraut has a refreshingly sweet crunch while still retaining a traditional Gutsy tang.  Because beetroot naturally contains extra carbohydrates (compared to cabbage), even though more than half the sugar has been fermented out, a little remains to sweeten this tangy ferment.

Extra carbs also means extra food for the bacteria as they ferment away.  You can be sure of billions of good bacteria with every serve of organic beetroot and citrus sauerkraut.  This beetroot and citrus kraut will be a little more tangy (and probiotic) compared to a plain cabbage kraut. Fermented for 4+ weeks to ensure the maximum number of probiotics and postbiotics.  Fermented in oak barrels to keep the chemicals away (no phthalates for us), for flavour and sustainability.

Size | 450 grams 

This is a chilled product so please keep refrigerated.

Origin | Queensland, Australia

Ingredients | Organic Cabbage, Organic Beetroot, Australian Naturally Evaporate Sea Salt, Organic Seasonal Citrus, Organic Ginger and Organic Thyme

All Gutsy products are Gluten Free and Vegan Friendly