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Yamaki Jozo Organic Rice Koji - 1kg

Yamaki Jozo

Yamaki Jozo Organic Rice Koji - 1kg


Yamaki Jozo Rice Koji is made by one of the most famous and revered fermentation houses in the world. Used in the production of Yamaki Jozo organic Miso and Shoyu this Koji is made seasonally during the month of March to November then naturally air dried on racks before packaged.

This is the finest and most authentic rice Koji you will buy anywhere. Koji is mould spores grown on rice and is one of the main ingredients in the production of Shoyu, Miso and Sake. Koji creates multi-dimensional flavour by stimulating the sweet, sour, and bitter characteristics of the food. It is also used to tenderise and flavour meat and veg and or for a quick pickle.

This Koji is dried but easily made into Shio Koji. This is a chilled product so please keep refrigerated.

Size |1kg

Origin | Saitama prefecture, Japan

Ingredients | Organic rice, koji spores