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Bloody Mary Cocktail

Bloody Mary Cocktail

The Bloody Mary cocktail is said to have been invented in 1920s Paris before migrating to New York not long after. It has since become synonymous as a hangover remedy, the vegetable juice to settle the stomach, the salt to replenish lost electrolytes, and just enough alcohol to ameliorate any headache.
There are few rules though to its construction. You need plenty of ice, a tall glass and a well-practiced balance of flavours that is guaranteed to make your mouth sing.


• 50ml vodka
• 100ml tomato juice
• 10ml (0.5 tbsp) of lemon juice
• 4 dashes of Worcestershire sauce
• 4 dashes of Mat’s Hot Shop Originals Dillan hot sauce
• 1 pinch Olsson’s Red Gum Smoked Salt
• 1 pinch of black pepper
• Garnish - stick of celery, slices of cucumber, pickled peppers, olives, lemon wedges
• ice, cubed


1. Add plenty of ice plus all of your liquids, salt and pepper to a shaker or stirring glass. If you're using a shaker, move it backwards and forwards several times without going bananas. You only want to bring the ingredients together, not make it all frothy.
2. Pour into a glass and top up with more ice if required, making sure to leave plenty of room for garnishes. A celery stick is a given and doubles as a handy stirrer. Pickles bring a briny tang, lemons a pleasant acid hit, and olives texture and oomph. Think of your garnish as the ultimate snack with your beverage.


If you're making Bloody Marys for a crowd, be conservative with the ice so it doesn’t melt quickly, diluting the cocktail. Create a buffet of garnish options and let your guests get inventive.

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