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Robbie Bell

Robbie Bell is our head Charcutier (one who makes Charcuterie). Incredibly passionate about great food, British born Robbie Bell started his culinary journey with an apprenticeship as a young chef in a restaurant near his home town in England before spending the first few years of his food career working for Michelin-starred chefs Terry Laybourne in Newcastle upon Tyne and Paul Heathcote in Manchester. Robbie also had a stint at michelin-starred restaurant The Village Bistro in Jersey in early 2000's before he landed a role at the globally renowned Fat Duck Restaurant under Heston Blumenthal.

In 2008 Robbie and his wife Rebecca landed in Sydney with backpacks on their back and chefs knives in tow dreaming of the beach and the sun, excited about the abundance of fresh local produce and a twinkle of adventure in their eyes. Whilst in Australia it was hard not to fall in love with the lifestyle and exciting food scene. Robbie was at Quay (Sydney) then joined the opening team for the Rockpool Bar & Grill (Sydney) before eventually landing at Rockpool Bar & Grill in Melbourne as their Executive Sous Chef.

Not one to sit still, he has also since become somewhat of a TikTok sensation with his passionate and fun videos with tips and easy to try recipes. He also hosts Cooking the Books, a hospitality podcast taking you behind the curtains to hear the tales and journeys of interesting people from Australia’s food industry.

Passionate about cooking, feeding and finding incredible ingredients, he is a cheeky, passionate, loveable character that advocates and showcases so beautifully our incredible Australian Food Industry.

Rebecca Bell

Whilst Robbie is passionate about the food, flavour, ingredients, and cooking, Rebecca (Bec) loves to consider and breakdown the experiential details that create an exceptional culinary experience.  

Bec herself, also has an incredible hospitality wrap sheet to be envious of. She has worked at; 21 Hospitality Group (UK), Quay Restaurant (Sydney), Rockpool (George St, Sydney), Rockpool Bar and Grill (Melbourne) and was the first Front of House person offered a Stage at The Fat Duck (UK).

It was working in Australian restaurants and living in Melbourne, so close to the incredible wine regions that gave Bec the taste (pun intended) for working in the wine industry. After a couple of years on the floor at Rockpool Bar & Grill in Melbourne, she was lucky enough to be given the chance to work with the wine team, learning from some of the best in the industry.

These days, Bec is the operational mastermind who prides herself on exceptional customer experiences and rock solid supply chain. It excites her to be providing restaurant quality service to a largely wholesale business.