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Tasty Terrines in no Time

slice of rabbit terrine on blue plate with cornichons and salad garnish

Bound by structure yet tender at heart, a City Larder terrine is the foundation stone of a great meal.
Each slice gets the royal treatment from our team of chefs, so you can enjoy a flawlessly executed, restaurant-quality product at home. Creating these terrines is an exacting, multi-step process that cannot be rushed. After all, texture is just as important as taste when it comes to the perfect terrine.
With all the care that goes into making our terrines, we hope you take just as much care when serving them. All you need to do is gather your tools and plate with respect.

Plated terrine

Rabbit & Confit Onion Terrine

Ingredients: City Larder Rabbit & Confit Onion Terrine, caperberries, wholegrain mustard, watercress, good olive oil, Dijon mustard, vinegar of choice

City Larder Rabbit & Confit Onion Terrine pairs local rabbit with slow-cooked onions to make a terrine that is softer in texture. Add a spoon of wholegrain mustard, a scatter of caperberries, some watercress and the menu writes itself. ⁠ Caperberries are the brined oblong fruits of the caper bush, the same one you get capers from. Their crunchy texture and mild pickle taste makes them a natural partner to the rich rabbit terrine.
The finishing flourish is a loose dressing. Briefly stir together some good olive oil, Dijon mustard and a splash of vinegar then slick this across the plate.

Duck & Prune Terrine

Ingredients: City Larder Duck & Prune Terrine, extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), freshly cracked black pepper, Olsson’s Salt salt flakes, cornichons

Our Duck & Prune Terrine has that built-in flavour that brings a wow factor to your meal. At the centre of the terrine, you’ll find brandy-soaked prunes, a perfect pairing to the lightly spiced duck leg and pork shoulder.
With its ready-to-serve fruit delight, this terrine needs little more than anointing with your best EVOO, some seasoning and a scattering of cornichons. If pushed, we’d probably have to also suggest a cheeky glass of pinot noir.

Free Range Pork & Pistachio Terrine

Ingredients: Free Range Pork & Pistachio, mixed salad leaves, City Larder Apple, Currant & Stout Chutney, EVOO, Dijon mustard, Gran Reserva Pedro Ximenez Balsamic Vinegar

Our most classic flavour pairing has won the hearts of many for good reason. Combining free range pork and chicken livers for a flawlessly tender terrine, Australian pistachios provide a welcome textural contrast and a hint of saltiness.
Create a stunning spread by adding some salad leaves, a scoop of our chunky, spiced chutney and vinaigrette dressing elevated with your best olive oil and vinegar. Slice on the diagonal for that little bit of extra pizazz - pretty as a picture and just as tasty.

Free Range Chicken, Leek & Truffle Terrine

Ingredients: Free Range Chicken, Leek & Truffle Terrine, Kipfler potato (boiled, peeled and diced), celery, green apple, spring onion, mayonnaise, freshly cracked black pepper, Olsson’s Salt salt flakes, EVOO

Carefully built with blanched leeks, shaved black Australian Truffle, and locally sourced free-range chicken, this perennially favourite terrine is your shortcut to French style dining in the comfort of your home.
Thankfully, making your potato salad counterpart to this terrine couldn’t be more straightforward. Gently cooking potatoes with the skin on keeps them from getting waterlogged. Peel them while still warm and add the diced celery, green apple, sliced spring onion and anoint the lot with a generous dollop of mayonnaise. Some judicious seasoning with salt, pepper and olive oil brings this delectable accompaniment together. Garnish with extra sliced spring onions and a drizzle of olive oil and you’re good to go.

Building a meal around our City Larder terrines is as simple as choosing your terrine and a divine accompaniment to create a true taste sensation.

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