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Smoked Salmon, 100g
Smoked Salmon, 100g
Smoked Salmon, 100g

City Larder

Smoked Salmon, 100g


We're proud to present this hand-sliced smoked salmon.

Sourced from the pristine waters of Tasmania, the Atlantic Salmon is first dry-cured then cold-smoked for 24 hours. Each quality fillet is smoked over wood chips sourced from sustainable Victorian highland forests. The result is a premium product infused with a deep, subtle smoked flavour profile, fresh appearance and superior mouthfeel.

Can be served as an entree for two people, a main course for one or add to classic dishes such as pasta, risotto, quiche and much more.

Size | 100 grams retail

This is a chilled product so please keep refrigerated.

Origin | Melbourne, Australia

Ingredients | Salmon, Sea Salt, Sugar, Natural Wood Smoke.