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Pimenton de la Vera - Smoked Spicy Paprika - 750g

El Angel

Pimenton de la Vera - Smoked Spicy Paprika - 750g


For over 135 years Pimenton El Angel has been producing in La Vera, Extremadura.It remains family owned today.Pimenton El Angel still uses the same traditional methods and works with farming families who have been growing for them for many generations.El Angel is widely recognized as producing one of the best pimento produced in Spain. 

The pimenton are left to ripen until late in the season, then handpicked, slow roasted and stone ground multiple times. These methods lead to a deep smoky flavour, intense colour, flavour and aroma are unmistakable.

Size | 750g 

Origin | Aldeanueva del Camino, C?ceres, Spain

Ingredients | Dry pepper, sunflower oil