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Four Pillars Gin Salt, Kraft
Four Pillars Gin Salt, Kraft


Four Pillars Gin Salt, Kraft


The Olsson family have been making solar sea salt since 1948, and is the oldest family owned and operated sea salt maker in Australia.

Four Pillars spent Rare Dry Gin botanicals have been dehydrated and blended with Olsson's Marine Mineral Grey Salt. This grey salt, Australia's first 'sel gris' comes from the ocean and tastes just like the sea. This mixed with Four Pillars nine botanicals makes for a stunning salt, perfect for a range of seasoning requirements.

Size | 250grams Kraft canister

Origin | Australia

Ingredients | Olsson's sea salt, juniper berries, coriander seed, green cardamon pods, cassis star anise, lemon myrtle leaf, Tasmanian pepperberry leaf, angelica root, lavender