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Caraway Kraut, 500g jar

The Fermentary

Caraway Kraut, 500g jar


The classic kraut combination of cabbages, caraway seeds and sea salt are wild fermented in dark barrels at The Fermentary.  This delicious raw kraut is alive with fresh, nutty flavours.

Simple kraut, like all of their ferments, is good for you, good for your gut, but most of all - good in your mouth. Pure and simple. They add Australian sea salt, and organic caraway seeds to beautiful local cabbages, pack it into a dark anaerobic place to sit and ferment itself. Wild, raw and fermented means crunchy, sour, salty-sweet and a tiny bit nutty. Goes well with avocado, eggs, anything oily or fatty, crackers and cheese, through a salad or in a Reuben sandwich or in any other toastie. Limited only to your imagination. Enjoy.

Must be kept refrigerated - it is full of life!

Vegan and Gluten Free.

Size | 500 grams 

Origin | Melbourne, Australia