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Jerk Marinade Hot, Retail
Jerk Marinade Hot, Retail

Little Brixton

Jerk Marinade Hot, Retail


Each Little Brixton product was developed with a story of the founders parents in mind, recalling their memories from London in the 60's and 70's.

September 1970, a sunny afternoon, strolling down Electric Avenue through Brixton Market.Reggae music pumping out of stalls, ingredients in hand, it is time to get home and light the BBQ for some hot and spicy jerk chicken.

Little Brixton Hot Jerk Marinade, giving you that sweet and fiery jerk heat for any occasion.

Heat | 3 chillies

Size | 250 grams

Origin | Melbourne

Ingredients | Lime juice, spring onion, habanero chilli, molasses, salt, brown sugar, vinegar, canola oil, herbs, spices