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Kimchi Original, 500g jar

The Fermentary

Kimchi Original, 500g jar


Tradition, life, and generous flavour unite in The Fermentary's wild-fermented, raw kimchi - packed with gut-loving bacteria. This labour of love is rich in smoky Korean chilli, garlic and ginger, giving unrivalled intensity and complexities of flavour.

Think about this: raw AND fermented garlic and ginger goodness. Lactobacillus sakei, known to help with sinus infections is commonly found in kimchi, so this is a good one to help fight off a cold. But forget probiotic immune-boosting and all that and just eat this kimchi because its real, delicious, and alive. It's a meal in a jar! Add a blob of tahini or nut butter on a rice cracker or toast, eat as-is, pop a fried egg over it or just on some steamed rice with a touch of sesame dressing or a scatter of seeds. A kimchi and stringy melty cheese toasty is always popular too....

Always keep refrigerated and enjoy to your heart's content.

Gluten Free - Contains Fish Sauce.

Size | 500 grams 

Origin | Melbourne, Australia