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Red Kraut & Fennel, 500g jar

The Fermentary

Red Kraut & Fennel, 500g jar


Sweet, red cabbages, green fennel seeds and sea salt are wild fermented in dark barrels that rest in Victoria's Central Highlands. This delicious, FODMAP-friendly kraut is alive with bacteria to soothe the fussiest of tummies and tastes.

The Red Kraut (Rod Kraut) stems from Sharon's years in Denmark where it was served warm and usually with some apple and butter through it. You can still do that - cook the apple in butter and cool it to room temp. and mix the kraut through. But you don't need to. It has a lovely mild warmth of fennel seed and the sweetness of red cabbage. Pairs well with anything creamy like potato gratin, or a creamy pasta, on crackers with soft cheese or through a salad or Buddha bowl. It's quite popular with Buddha bowls, lots of avocado, a grain, a cashew dressing - adds a zing and a depth of flavour just like that. 

Must be kept refrigerated - it is full of life!

Vegan and Gluten Free.

Size | 500 grams 

Origin | Melbourne, Australia