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City Larder Free Range Chicken Liver & Truffle Pâté

City Larder Free Range Chicken Liver & Truffle Pâté

The latest release in City Larder’s charcuterie range may seem like it has just floated down from heaven but in actual fact, much research and development went into its release.

City Larder Free Range Chicken Liver & Truffle Pâté harnesses the distinct, earthy aroma of fresh Australian Black Truffles while still delivering that lush, silkiness you’ve come to expect from City Larder pâté.

‘Our pâté is the same as you’d be served in a French restaurant. I mean, it’s really a parfait with its creamy, silky mouthfeel. We cook the pâté in a water bath which means the texture stays silky, and doesn’t turn grainy,’ says Robbie Bell, head chef and City Larder founder.

What are truffles?
Truffles are elusive and fragrant fungi whose symbiotic relationship with a select few varieties of tree only adds to their mystique. The Périgord region of France is renowned for their prized black winter truffle, Tuber melanosporum. Thankfully, Australia now also produces these black diamonds.

More importantly, how do they taste?
Capturing the distinct heady flavour of a truffle is no trifling matter because no other food tastes quite like it. While they are similar to mushrooms, they sport a more insistent aroma which some find musky, even a little gamey. They’re also described as earthy/forest floor, nutty with notes of cocoa, as well as garlic-ky, olive-y and almost buttery.
All of this to say, they're a natural match with our delicious pâté laden with just the right amount of butter, eggs, and cream.

open jar of pate pickles on side charred bread in hand

Three Serving Ideas Bound to Impress

Truffles amplify and intensify the flavours of the dishes they’re paired with. So, it doesn’t take much for our Free Range Chicken Liver & Truffle Pâté to elevate the most basic of meals.

Looking for a starter to wow your dinner guests?
A simple but impressive canapé involves topping a slice of baguette with a generous smear of pâté. Pickles and cornichons to complement.

Want to take things one level up?
Lightly toast some thick cut brioche instead and, once cooled, top with as much pâté as you dare. This combination is customarily served with a glass of Sauternes French sweet aromatic wine from Bordeaux. Swoon!

Go one step further
Try a twist on the joyfully decadent Tournedos Rossini. The classic recipe calls for filet mignon/eye fillet steak to be cooked in butter then served atop a crouton before itself receiving a crown of pan-fried foie gras, garnish of black truffle, and a boozy demi-glace. Subtle indeed.
Our spin involves topping your perfectly cooked steak with a generous scoop – or quenelle if you want to go all fancy – of Chicken Liver & Truffle Pâté then serving it all to rapturous applause. Come on, who wouldn’t want that!?

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