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Getting the most out of City Larder Sauces

Getting the most out of City Larder Sauces

Heating Instructions

Empty the contents of the jar into a small pan and heat gently for 2-3 minutes until warmed through, about 90 degrees Celsius. Alternatively, remove the lid and with the jar in a bowl (to catch any spills) place in the microwave and heat in small bursts until thoroughly warm. Time and percentage power will vary according to your device.


spoon with dark brown sauce pouring on to a white plate

Madeira Sauce

Add another layer to our Madeira Sauce with some sliced and sauteed fresh mushrooms or grate a little garlic in the pan as you heat the sauce through.

While Madeira Sauce is a natural accompaniment to roasted meat, its sweet nuttiness also pairs beautifully with sausages, chicken or weeknight mushroom pasta.

copper pan with pepper sauce being spooned onto a white plate by a person

Pepper Sauce

Lean into the piquancy of our Pepper Sauce by adding some green Madagascan peppercorns with a small amount of their brine and bring a brightness to your final dish or go in a different direction with freshly ground Szechuan peppercorns – your choice.

Pepper sauce is a classic accompaniment to steak, it also works perfectly with roast chicken, pork and game meats, jacket potatoes, sweet potato wedges and much more. This much flavour knows no bounds.

small copper pan filled with dark brown sauce which has butter being stirred in

Red Wine Sauce

If you fancy unleashing your inner gastronome, in a small saucepan slowly bring our Red Wine Sauce up to 90 degrees, then take the pan off the heat and gradually add squares of cold butter squares into the pan whilst stirring. This classic French technique, known as monter au beurre, is used by chefs to add shine and another level of velvety mouthfeel to a sauce.

Red Wine Sauce loves the addition of chopped fresh tomatoes and is a go-to with all cuts of steak, a Sunday roast and game meats.

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